IT Consulting

Our experts combine insights from our client’s business and industry with innovative technology to make their business thrive.

CHIEFS of IT makes the IT environment of its customers less complex and helps to identify and mitigate risks. CHIEFS of IT wants its customers to get the most out of ICT thanks to IT consulting and optimal service provision.

Professional Services

Once the solution has been devised, our IT specialists are ready to take care of its construction and implementation.

Depending on the nature of the problem, a project team is put together that has the right expertise and certifications to make this solution a reality. Our specialists work efficiently, professionally and are always able to deliver the requested solution within the set time frame. 

Managed Services

As the world digitalizes more and more, the continuity of your business increasingly depends on the reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Our managed services relieve customers of the burden of outsourcing the entire IT infrastructure. CHIEFS or IT will always find a suitable solution to ensure the stability and continuity of your business operations, no matter what ICT challenge your company faces. For example, you can proactively manage and advise on the monitoring of your equipment. Also, your company does not have to worry about the ICT-delivery, because it will be successfully deployed.

Chiefs Council

If no other solution works, please contact our Chiefs Council. Not only does it have the distinctive ability to solve the most complex challenges, but it also dares to guarantee that a well-functioning solution will be implemented: “no cure no pay”.

CHIEFS of IT offers the optimal service. If the customer is not satisfied, he can appeal to our “no cure no pay” rule. The result obligation ensures optimal service and mutual trust between the client and CHIEFS of IT. 



In addition to various services, CHIEFS of IT also supplies hardware from all the renowned brands for business mobile phones, VoIP telephony, Headsets, PCs, tablets and Cisco Meraki.

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Monitoring as a Service

Chiefs of IT’s Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is a total performance management solution that provides automated IT monitoring, diagnosis and reporting to resolve delays and problems.

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IT management

Nowadays, all organizations and companies depend on software, hardware and the internet. That is why it is essential that everything works and continues to work properly. With Chiefs of IT you no longer have to worry about your IT and you are assured of an optimally functioning IT environment.

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Web development

In order to achieve the company’s objectives, a functional and effective design is essential. Chiefs of IT can create a successful website for your organization that will help you achieve your goals.

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Fleet Track & Trace

Technology plays an increasingly important role in the daily work of a fleet manager. GPS Track & Trace systems enable companies to manage their fleet in new and more efficient ways.

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As a partner of the three largest telecom providers, Chiefs of IT can give you objective advice on your business mobile subscriptions. With Chiefs of IT you have one point of contact and you do not have to worry about extra costs.

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