Consultant Sharepoint- 4876

Job description
Within our company, the rollout of Office 365 started this year. Due to the corona crisis and the fact that the employees of the municipalities work from home, MS Teams has been rolled out more quickly. MS Sharepoint will also be rolled out as part of improving document management and archiving. The consultant is deployed to support the substantive implementation of SharePoint within the municipality.

– Develop a structure for document management and archiving
within Sharepoint;
– Developing an authorization structure in Sharepoint;
– Setting up MS Teams and Sharepoint;
– Setup management Sharepoint;
– Support with the implementation of Sharepoint;
– Advice on the rollout of SharePoint.

Location: Utrecht
Hours per week: 24
Start date: ASAP
Duration: 9 months
Closing date: Thursday, December 3, 2020 9:00 AM

– Demonstrable work experience as a Sharepoint consultant;
– At least 2 years of demonstrable work experience in the past 5 years with
implementation processes Sharepoint;
– A completed education at a minimum HBO bachelor level in the direction
of Computer Science or Business Administration;
– At least 2 years of demonstrable work experience in the past 5 years with MS Office, MS Sharepoint and MS Teams;

Interested or for more information, please contact our recruitment team on 0887860100 or email us

Consultant Sharepoint- 4876

Binnen ons bedrijf is dit jaar gestart met de uitrol van Office 365. Vanwege de corona crisis en het feit dat de medewerkers van de gemeentes thuis werken, is MS Teams versneld uitgerold. In het kader van de verbeteren van het document management en archivering zal ook MS Sharepoint uitgerold worden. De consultant wordt ingezet om de implementatie van Sharepoint binnen de gemeente inhoudelijk te begeleiden.Tot de taken van consultant MS Sharepoint behoren:

– Ontwikkelen van een structuur voor document management en archivering
binnen Sharepoint;
– Ontwikkelen van een autorisatiestructuur in Sharepoint;
– Inrichten van MS Teams en Sharepoint;
– Inrichting beheer Sharepoint;
– Ondersteuning bij de implementatie van Sharepoint;
– Advisering bij de uitrol van Sharepoint.

Locatie: Utrecht
Aantal uur per week: 24
Begindatum: z.s.m
Duur:9 maanden
Sluitingsdatum: donderdag 3 december 2020 09:00 uur

– Aantoonbare werkervaring als consultant Sharepoint;
– Minimaal 2 jaar aantoonbaar werkervaring in de afgelopen 5 jaar met
implementatie trajecten Sharepoint;
– Een afgeronde opleiding op minimaal hbo bachelor niveau in de richting
van Informatica of Bedrijfskunde;
– Minimaal 2 jaar aantoonbare werkervaring in de afgelopen 5 jaar met MS Office, MS Sharepoint en MS Teams;

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Project leader / tender consultant data layer- 1160

Job Description
You will ensure a smooth and well-organized course of the tendering process. You provide a program of requirements and wishes that contribute to suppliers making proposals that offer optimal support to the needs of our end customer. You guide suppliers in drawing up their quotations and you ensure a smooth and well-organized course of the selection and award process and the contract signing. You also guide the stakeholders of our end customer in the process, taking into account the necessary conditions for a smooth course and the culture of the organization. You coordinate with the project manager for the development of the data layer and you report to the program manager.

Integrate applications and digital services (Enterprise Integration);
-Manage information and make data transparent.
-Development of the data layer;
-Management and maintenance;
– Expansion of decision support with future-oriented facilities for data-driven education and support.

Location: Waddinxveen
Country the Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Hours per week: 32 – 36
Duration: as soon as possible until April 2021
Option extension: Yes
Closing time: 11/13/2020 09:00:00 AM

Education, Certificates, Level of Knowledge

-You demonstrably have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of European Tenders for substantive knowledge, market knowledge, and (tender) process knowledge;
-You are familiar with relevant aspects such as architecture, services, service levels, information security, and privacy,
Cloud controls and developments in (future-oriented) services in this area;
– You are able to draw up a schedule of requirements and wishes that contributes to suppliers making proposals that offer optimal support to the needs of our end customer. And that contributes to avoiding discussions about the award afterward;
You are good at conducting negotiations and guiding processes in which conflicting interests (between suppliers) play a role;
-You have a higher professional education/university education level, you are a team player, you are a good process supervisor and negotiator, you have an excellent command of the Dutch language. And you can draw up contracts that are legally sound and provide the basis for building constructive cooperation between customer and supplier (teams).

Interested or for further information, please contact our recruitment team on 088 786 0100 or email us at

Assessor and Licensee

Location: Zuid-Hollandplein
Country the Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Hours per week: 36
Duration: 16-11-2020 to 14-6-2021
Option extension: Yes
Closing time: 06-11-2020 09:00 AM

Job Discription
You ensure that our precious groundwater remains clean and you give direction to groundwater use in the energy transition. The approach to water extraction, soil energy, geothermal energy, and excavation holds no secrets for you. Are you familiar with the Water Act and the Mining Act? Contribute to a better living environment and apply.

-You test and assess applications with corresponding effect reports for Water Act permits and Mining Net recommendations.
-You prepare advice, assessments, and (partly complex) decisions with regard to groundwater and subsoil.
-You consult, inform, and advise internal and external parties about water extraction, water plans, soil energy (plans) and the procedures to be followed.
-You support supervisors in the implementation of measures and procedures.
-You work with our case system in which you monitor the process, the quality, and the lead time of your procedures.
-You are solution-oriented and you identify bottlenecks, make proposals for improvement and advice.
-You contribute to the digitization of the professional field.
-You contribute to the further development of the team.


-A completed higher professional or university education with a specialization in geohydrology or geology.
-Relevant work experience in the field.
-Knowledge of the Water Act and Mining Act.
-An open and direct way of communicating.
-You work accurately and you can plan and organize well

For further information contact our Recruitment team on 0887860100