Functioneel Beheerder- 0414

Job description
Business-oriented working is a way that ensures control of result-oriented processes.
For the implementation within the company, we are looking for a functional manager who can support the implementation of case-oriented work in order to professionalise the internal processes (incident problem and change management).

Location: Gouda
Hours per week: 36
Duration: 04-01-2021 to 31-05-2021
Closing date: 09/12/2020 09:57:00 AM

• Knowledge of document management systems (preferably Decos / JOIN) is an advantage.
• Experience with case-oriented work is an advantage.
• Experience with setting up national user consultations is an advantage.
• Demonstrable experience in agile working within scrum teams
• Preferably experience as a scrum master
• Demonstrable experience with design and implementation of functional and chain tests
• BISL certified
• HBO working and thinking level
• Organize workshop and lead functional management meetings (1 year)
• Experience with Information analysis ICT and FB (1 year)
• Supporting key users (1 year)

Interested or for more information, please contact our recruitment team on 0887860100 or email us

Functioneel Beheerder- 0414

Zaakgericht werken is een manier die zorgt voor controle op resultaatgerichte processen.
Voor de implementatie binnen het bedrijf zijn wij op zoek naar een functioneel beheerder die kan ondersteunen bij de implementatie van zaakgericht werken om de interne processen (incidentproblem- en changemanagement) te professionaliseren.

Locatie: Gouda
Aantal uur per week: 36
Duur: 04-01-2021 t/m 31-05-2021
Sluitingsdatum: 09-12-2020 09:57:00

• Kennis van document management systemen (bij voorkeur Decos/JOIN) is een pré.
• Ervaring met zaakgericht werken is een pré.
• Ervaring met het inrichten van landelijke gebruikersoverleggen is een pré.
• Aantoonbare ervaring in het agile werken binnen scrumteams
• Bij voorkeur ervaring als scrum master
• Aantoonbare ervaring met ontwerp en uitvoering van functionele en ketentesten
• BISL gecertifcieerd
• hbo werk- en denkniveau
• Organiseren workshop en leiden van functioneel beheer bijeenkomsten(1 jaar)
• Ervaring met Informatie analyse ICT en FB(1 jaar)
• Ondersteunen van key-users(1 jaar)

Geïnteresseerd of voor meer informatie, neem dan contact op met ons recruitment team op 0887860100 of mail ons

Functional Manager Timetable Systems – 1144

Job Description
The New Scheduling (HNR) is an application that is widely used for schedule management. For this position we are looking for an employee who, in addition to the regular functional management activities of the current legacy system, contributes to the preparation and implementation of HNR.

Activities and Results
• Functional operation of the application is registered and monitored;
• Supported users in working with managed applications;
• Incidents have been resolved on the basis of agreements made with the customer-principal;
• Timely handling of incidents has been monitored;
• Standard changes have been made on the basis of agreements made with the client-principal;
• Access facilities to data collections have been realized and monitored;
• Contribution to Functional Acceptance Tests (FAT) and User Acceptance Tests (GAT);
• Chain management with regard to the information exchange in DJI message chains has been carried out;
• (Management) reports drawn up;
• Process actions within the incident process were carried out for the solution and handling of 3rd line malfunctions;
• The process actions within the problem process were carried out for the structural solution of underlying causes of malfunctions;

Location: Gouda
Number of hours per week: 28 hours
Start date: 01-01-2021
End date: 30-06-2021
Closing date: 11/18/2020 9:00:00 AM

knowledge of and experience with the functional management of SP-Expert / 3 years of experience
Knowledge of and experience with the functional management of InPlanning / 3 years of experience
Knowledge and experience with scheduling processes / 3 years of experience
Experience in training new users of a Scheduling System / 3 years of experience

• Being able to plan well
• Ability to quickly acquire knowledge
• Ability to transfer knowledge to end users
• Flexibility
• Customer-oriented attitude
• Initiative
• Analyzing
• Problem solving
• Being able to work well together
• Communicative
• good written communication skills
• Dealing with conflicts of interest

Interested or for more information, please contact our recruitment team on 0887860100 or email us