KPN EEN MKB – Always available

With KPN EEN MKB you can easily combine internet, fixed calls and / or mobile telephony. You choose which combination of products and services best suits your organization.

Thanks to the flexibility of your contract, the composition of products can be adjusted monthly. This may differ per employee. With KPN EEN MKB you always get exactly what you need! Business pin over secure pin connection is optional.

Always connected to your business with KPN EEN. Never miss a call when you are out of the office. Or work further on that important presentation, wherever and whenever you want. That is working better with the solutions of KPN EEN MKB.

The advantage of KPN EEN MKB:

  • From 1 to 150 employees
  • Simple and flexible
  • Always internet with a fixed IP address
  • 1 flexible contract
    Internet, voip calls and mobile in 1 flexible contract. Easily put together your business everything in 1 package.
  • 1 fixed price
    You pay 1 fixed price per month for the combination of products. That way you know exactly what you can expect.
  • 1 invoice
    Every month you receive all services specified on 1 invoice. This makes it very simple and transparent for you.

We will gladly help you to make the right choice.
Feel free to contact us on 020-2614188 or fill in the contact form.