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We are your KPN [typed string0=”Telecom” string1=”Security” string2=”Cloud” string3=”Connectivity” string4=”Excellence Business” typeSpeed=”300″ startDelay=”0″ backSpeed=”60″ backDelay=”500″ loop=”1″]Partner

CHIEFS of IT is your KPN Excellence Business Partner en delivers the entire KPN business portofolio. Chiefs of IT is certified to offer all business ICT solutions of KPN.
This means that Chiefs of IT can provide all business related services and products of KPN for their customers. This offers interesting business benefits for you as a customer.

Why an KPN Business subscription using Chiefs of IT:

– One point of contact
– No extra costs!
– Available support.
– Independent and objective advice
– Easy to combine with other services and products
– One stop shop for all you business subscriptions


KPN EEN MKB combines you easily with internet, fixed telephony and/or mobile telephone.

Thanks to the flexibility of your contract, the composition of the products can be adjusted on a monthly basis.

With KPN EEN MKB you always get exactly what you need. KPN EEN you are always connected to your business.

Zakelijk mobiel

With KPN Zakelijk Mobiel offers Chiefs of IT flexibility to make the subscription fitting your business.

Together with you, Chiefs of IT specifice and analysis your subscriptions an offers an suitable solution for the mobile telephones.


Do you use fixed and mobile telephone with different numbers?
That’s not always practical when you’re on the road or not working at the office.

Work more efficiently with ficed-mobile integration, the combined benefits of VoIP and mobile telephony. The PBX is no longer at your location, but in the Cloud. For companies, switching to VoIP is very interesting because of the many advantaged, flexibility and low costs.

Therefore KPN

The network of the Netherlands

For 130 years, KPN has been the network that connects Dutch.

Ready for the future

With 5G, KPN is ready for the latest generation of mobile telecommunications.

100% CO2 neutral

Since 2015, KPN has been climate neutral and the greenest provider in Europe.

Social contact

With the ‘Best contact fund KPN has been stimulating social contact for 10 years.

General information

-|-  Chiefs of IT B.V.

-|-  Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00.


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