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In these modern times, it is important as a company to have a well-functioning IT infrastructure. As a company, you don’t want to have to worry about problems with your online accounts, connections and online security.

In addition to the various services and products offered by CHIEFS or IT itself, we also have partnerships with various companies. These partnerships, in combination with our expertise, ensure that you receive the best possible assistance. This enables us to offer you the optimal solution for all your IT and telecom challenges. With Chiefs of IT you no longer have to worry about your IT or telecom environment and you are assured of an optimally functioning IT environment.

In addition to the various services offered by CHIEFS or IT, CHIEFS or IT is a partner of various companies, including Microsoft.

Microsoft is a company that is constantly innovating, which is why it is essential for us as a partner to stay up-to-date. A Microsoft partner knows best how to implement the latest Microsoft technology and is therefore able to offer the optimum to his customer. In addition, as a Microsoft partner, we offer customers the opportunity to make early use of new software and products from Microsoft.

Thanks to the correct certifications that a Microsoft partner must have, you as a customer are always assured of the right solution to your problem. Due to the high level of licensing and IT knowledge CHIEFS or IT can always offer the right solutions to its customers.

Cisco is a world leader in IT, transforming the way we connect, communicate and collaborate.

Furthermore, they offer various products that accelerate the adoption of a new way of working in the areas of connectivity, communication and security. In addition, working with Cisco brings several advantages, including a stable environment, continuity, security and reliability.

As a Cisco Meraki partner, we have various Cisco certifications and are therefore able to offer our customers the best in Cisco. As a customer, you can count on our certified engineers to provide a variety of solutions to your requested Cisco issues..

Chiefs of IT is a VMware Partner thanks to a variety of training resources and appropriate certifications.

As a VMware partner, we have the deepest expertise to identify and implement the right VMware solutions for our customer. In addition, we help you get the most value out of your solutions in order to reach your goals sooner. As a specialist in VMware, we are happy to advise and help you to achieve the right VMware solutions.

Chiefs of IT is a reliable IT supplier that wants to grow and does so by means of collaborations with the A-brands. For example, KPN is the best mobile provider of 2019 from the test of the Consumers’ Association.

KPN offers various services and products, which makes us, as KPN Excellence Business Partner, as diverse as possible towards our customers. Thanks to this diversity, we are able to offer the best possible service to our customers.

We, as KPN Excellence Business partner, provide all KPN ONE services and are your personal point of contact. This ensures clear and transparent service provision and unambiguous communication.

Together with sendinblue we want to offer you a mail program so you can reach your customers easier and faster. Chiefsofit can help you with setting up and/or installing. Furthermore we can help you with the successful use of sendinblue so you have a nice and fast working mail program.

Together with A-brands CHIEFS or IT wants to be as diverse as possible towards its clients, so as not to be limited in its choice towards clients. One of the A-brands with which Chiefs of IT has expanded her portfolio is T-Mobile.

Thanks to our partnership with T-Mobile, our customers can count on a high level of service and personal advice.

A Business Partner of T-Mobile can help you as a customer with your personal T-Mobile questions, because we, as a Business Partner, are your personal point of contact and try to provide you with the optimal service to all T-Mobile related areas. This ensures unambiguous communication and clear and unambiguous service for your company.

VodafoneZiggo combines Ziggo’s fixed network and Vodafone’s mobile network. This ‘GigaNet’ is becoming increasingly stable, smarter and faster, with internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second.

This is also necessary, because the data requirements are growing exponentially. In this way they are taking on a dual role: booster of Dutch digitization and builder of the associated infrastructure.

Chiefs of IT offers the complete business portfolio of VodafoneZiggo. So we have something for everyone. Whether it’s fixed or mobile telephony, Cloud workstations or business television. Get the best out of your organization with VodafoneZiggo and Chiefs of IT and always stay up-to-date. This is how you take the step to a smart organisation today.