Telephone service

Always available for customers

Take advantage of our phone service and have your phone answered professionally whenever you want. With Chiefs of IT phone service you don’t have to miss a customer anymore!

Voordelen van BizziPhoneYour personal telephone operator with knowledge of your company

Voordelen van BizziPhoneConnected within 30 minutes

Voordelen van BizziPhoneAlso accessible in the evening and the weekend

Voordelen van BizziPhoneNo contract; your subscription can be cancelled on a daily basis

Get started with our phone service within 4 steps.

You’ll be connected in 30 minutes!


Sign Up

Try our phone service for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. After that, your subscription can be cancelled on a daily basis, so you’re not stuck with anything.


Adjusting call scripts

We will contact you within 30 minutes after registration. On the basis of a number of questions, we determine how we should answer telephone calls on your behalf.

Call forwarding

Your operator is now always ready to answer the phone for you and your company. All you have to do is transfer your phone.

Care Free working

All conversations that we handle for you will be properly reported. You will receive a report per call by email so that you don’t miss anything at all.

Try our phoneservice 30 days free off charge.


We will gladly help you to make the right choice.
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