Voip Mobile

Do you use Voip and mobile telephony with different numbers? This is sometimes not practical when you are on the road or do not always work in the office.

Work more efficiently with fixed-mobile integration, the combined benefits of VoIP and mobile telephony. With VoIP telephony, you can call via a secure Internet connection. The telephone exchange is no longer on your premises, but in the Cloud. Switching to VoIP is very interesting for companies because of its many advantages, flexibility and low costs.

Extra advantage

Another advantage of VoIP: merge it with your mobile telephony and you have a total solution for your company. This is also known as fixed-mobile integration (VaMo). So you will never miss a phone call again, because you can be reached on one number. For both fixed and mobile. It also allows you to decide for yourself whether you want to call on your mobile phone with the fixed number of your office or your mobile number. This way you create recognition for your customer and convenience for yourself.

 Transparent and well-arranged

In addition to the fact that with VaMo you work more efficiently with colleagues and you are more easily accessible to customers, it also makes your administration a lot clearer. After all, you only have one point of contact and one invoice for both your fixed and mobile telephony.

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