VMware is virtualization software that ensures that your virtual servers are operational without problems. VMware also allows customers to run, control and connect applications in the cloud and other environments. They deliver an optimal balance between freedom and control.

Virtualization allows multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run on the same physical machine.

This approach offers a number of advantages:

* Because virtual machines only consist of files, the virtual machines are easy to move. It is also easier to fully back up a virtual machine.

* Virtual machines work like normal servers; the operating system on a virtual machine runs in the same way as that on a physical machine.

* Virtual machines are independent of physical hardware changes. Therefore, changes to the physical server do not affect the virtual machine.

* Testers can test software and other things on different operating systems while only needing one machine.

* The scalability of many applications has lower limits than what common computer hardware can offer. For example, few programs can efficiently use 8, 16 or more parallel processor cores. Virtualization allows multiple instances to run independently, in smaller environments, side by side. This can result in a higher overall processing speed.

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