Track & Trace

Track & Trace

With Chiefs of IT you no longer have to worry about your IT and you are assured of an optimally functioning IT environment.

Nowadays, all organizations and companies depend on software, hardware and the internet. That is why it is essential that everything works and continues to work properly. This way, you can be sure that malfunctions will be prevented and your company will remain optimally accessible. To guarantee this certainty, you can choose to outsource the management of your IT environment. Thanks to Chiefs of IT management business processes can easily be optimized and you are assured of an optimally functioning IT environment.

Track your fleet 24/7

Real-time information

About your entire fleet at a glance.

Valuable insights

In all vehicles.

Interactive live maps

Real-time GPS tracking.

Time-saving solutions

Efficient management of your fleet.

Track your fleet anytime, anywhere, in real time. Track and Trace is becoming an increasingly important part of fleet management. By tracking your fleet in real time, you can optimize processes, detect suspicious activities and collect useful information about your vehicles and drivers.

The smart Black Box records all movements and vehicle activities and keeps a logbook of all trips, routes and locations visited. All rides and routes are displayed in clear and easy to search lists and each ride can be viewed in detail, with unlimited history. Thanks to the many settings and reports, trip registration is fully compliant with local tax regulations.

Geofencing is a powerful tool that allows you to set virtual borders around locations or specific zones. Receive an IM message (WhatsApp, SMS, call, email, notification on the platform) when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined zone, or receive a notification when an unexpected activity occurs within or outside predefined hours. Or even better: come up with your own scenarios in which you would like to be alerted.

Automatically record driving times, number of trips, visit time, idle time and idle time and receive clear and detailed reports. Generate detailed time sheets and activity reports based on period, driver, vehicle or location.

Our cloud-based platform provides clear and easy-to-use dashboards and reports. Personalize our user-friendly dashboards by tailoring them to your needs and run reports based on the information you need.

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